Podcasts and Interviews

Below are a collection of podcasts and interviews we've been on to share value and give back to the community.

Real Estate (Un)success Stories

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Aaron Wong. They discuss how Aaron and his team took a referral for a property management group without doing much research. The property manager struggled to follow the business plan. Aaron talks about what he learned from the experience and how they apply those lessons now.

Chance Encounters

Diary of an Apartment Investor

What to look for in a market before you invest and how to know a good deal in any market with Aaron Wong and Brett Davenport. 

Building Passive Income & Wealth (Through Real Estate)

Today we welcome Aaron Wong with GW Capital Investments who walks us through how he scaled from owning 4-plex properties, to landing a huge 200-unit deal.

How To Scale Commercial Real Estate

Do you know what’s right for you? In the real estate industry, you have a choice and you have to make sure you’re making a decision that would be perfect for you. In this episode, Aaron shares his professional journey and strategies to keep going on with your business venture. He emphasizes that you shouldn’t get emotionally attached to deals. Things happen and nothing is guaranteed.

Weiss Advice

“Everything is negotiable.” - Aaron Wong

“The returns are very important, but the operator is almost more important than the returns.” - Aaron Wong

“We should be able to be in control of our life.” - Aaron Wong