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Aaron Wong

About Me

Utilizing over a decade of investing and entrepreneurial experience, Aaron has developed a strong track record of success. Within real estate, Aaron focuses primarily on multifamily properties and has invested in over 3,400 units through self-ownership, joint ventures, and syndications as both sponsor and limited partner. In addition, Aaron has also invested in a portfolio of mobile home parks and oil wells. He was recognized by Utah BusinessQ Magazine as one of the Top 40 Under 40 while a business startup he founded was acknowledged by the same publication as The Best Kept Secret for his leadership. Aaron graduated from the University of Utah with dual bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and Asian Studies along with a Master of Business Administration. Aaron also has a master’s degree in Management with additional certificates in change management, organizational leadership, and project management from Colorado Technical University. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and scuba diving.

My Story

The first time I felt drawn to the world of investing and real estate was when I had just graduated from college and wanted to create wealth and reach financial independence for me and my family.

I found a job that still offered a pension after working for 20 years. After being there for 10 years, I calculated my future pension upon retirement and shockingly realized I would receive far less than 40% of my pay as a pension. There was no way I could retire on this and it would require me to find a second career after retirement, as many have done.

I was emotionally devastated and crushed because I wasn't sure if I could reach my goal of financial independence through my W-2 job. I knew there had to be a better way because I had seen others around me reach financial independence and create multi-generational wealth through investing. 

After many trials and tribulations, I started to do a lot of research into real estate. I attended seminars, webinars, meetups, various networking events, and read dozens of books and articles about real estate. I joined a community of multifamily investors where we mentored and helped each other invest in real estate.

After years of focus, it finally worked! I knew I had succeeded when I became financially independent with my passive income through real estate. Now, I can serve others by helping others relying on a pension create wealth and make financial independence possible.

Let’s Work Together

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